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Our Philosophy

At Creative Communication for Kids, we have a three-fold philosophy about kids and therapy:

First of all, it should be fun for the kids.
There are many ways to target goals so that they seem more like fun activities than like hard work. Kids should be having fun, and it certainly helps with the motivation!

Second, we like to work on skills that will make a difference in your child's life and your life.
This is true whether we are teaching a nonverbal child to talk or working on articulation. When we design a program for your child, we will look at not only what is developmentally appropriate for him or her at this age but also what specific issues are occurring at school and home. We try to target problem situations as opposed to just skill-building without taking in the larger context of life. Therapy sessions may be more highly structured or loosely structured, depending on your child's needs, but we will move as quickly as possible to put a child's new skills into a natural context so that those skills will carryover into other environments nicely.

Third, we really enjoy having parents involved in the therapy process.
You are encouraged to sit in and observe the therapy sessions, we will always get your input on how things are going, and we will give you homework activities to do at home. You know your children better than we do and you spend a lot more time with them. We are the experts on communication development, but you are the expert on your child!


To schedule an appointment, contact us at:
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