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An evaluation has several purposes:

  • determine if a communication disorder is present
  • establish a specific diagnosis, and assess the severity and specific characteristics of the communication disorder
  • determine if therapy is indicated, and aid in planning therapy strategies and select goals
  • establish a baseline for measuring progress and evaluating treatment outcomes
The evaluation fee is a flat fee based on the type of evaluation required. The therapist will notify you of the fee for the type of evaluation your child needs ahead of time. The fee covers the time it takes to do the testing with your child, scoring of the tests, and a written report.


Some children are either unable to participate in standardized testing or need a more extensive evaluation over a longer period of time in order to accurately determine their current skills and areas of need. Some children with autism or Down Syndrome, for example, may benefit more from this type of assessment.

Dynamic Assessment is also known as diagnostic therapy. It typically takes place over 6 to 8 sessions, but the exact number of hours depends on what is required to gather adequate information about the child's communication skills. Dynamic assessments are a trial of therapy that includes clinical observation of your child's spontaneous communication, observations of communicative interactions between parent and child, and observations of interactions between therapist and child.

The therapist will inform you if Dynamic Assessment will be more appropriate for your child than one of the standard assessments. Dynamic Assessment is billed at an hourly rate that is higher than our hourly therapy rate, because the rate takes into account the time it takes to analyze the data and write a report.

Click here to download the Forms you will need to fill out prior to an evaluation or therapy.


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